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Friday, February 12, 2016

DIY Pom Pom Monsters

Wow this post is WAY later than I ever planned. We were hit unexpectedly with a severe cold and flu this past week. Both BabyBear and I were down for the count with fevers of 103, extreme chills - I mean, I was fully dressed and under 4 blankets freezing to death. Add to that the body aches and sore throat and you have
described us to a tee. It was miserable - and we are still not at 100% but are slowly climbing up that hill to the top again.

We had these cute little Valentine crafts that we did and wanted to share with you...

SO despite being late here is one today - you can use them for next year or change up the colors and use them at anytime of the year. We figure they can go in to goody bags at parties or be done up in Easter colors for Easter giveaways OR best of all they can be strung up on a string and hung for bedroom decoration or party decor.

They are so darn cute...

Don't you agree?

For today's craft you will need...



Googly Eyes

Felt X2 (in any color you like cut in to small squares)

Holiday Straw or Pencil/Pen  and of course scissors and hot glue

You start by cutting a long piece of yarn and tying your wrapping yarn to its middle. This way you will have a Y shape...

Next you start to wrap the yarn around and around and around the fork prongs until you have the thickness you want. The more you wrap it the bigger the pom pom in the end will be.

Once you are done wrapping you will need to take that cut yarn you tied at the beginning and use its ends to tie up your wrap as tightly as possible on both sides.

Remove the wrapped yarn from the fork and begin to carefully cut the wrapped ends until they are all loose and free. Repeat on both sides.

Now you will have a messy looking ball of yarn. Trim it up to your liking and there you go - a cute little pom pom ready for creating.

Taking your glue gun - place a small strip of hot glue down 2 edges of one square piece of felt. Quickly before the glue dries place the other square of felt on top. Make sure to leave a space in the middle just big enough for a pencil or straw to fit through.

Next you will want to attach a pom pom to the top of this square of felt.

To the pom pom you will want to attach one or two of your googly eyes. We love the look of one eyed monsters but the imagination is all up to you.

There you have it your own little pom pom monster that can adorn your pencil and pen while writing - or even a straw while having your drink.


If you prefer seeing for yourself how this was done please visit our channel MNMTV for our video tutorial. We "attempted" to create a video version. Please excuse our beginner style videography as we are still trying to sort out the best way to accomplish this new venture. Any thoughts or advice in how to go about this would be greatly appreciated. For now please enjoy our efforts - laugh along with us :D

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1,2,3 BOOM!!!

Today is a great day to have some fun with science. Continuing on with our theme of Matter we decided to create an explosion...right here in our home. I mean who doesn't love to shoot things all the way up to the ceiling? Does this sound like something you would like to do?

If you are in then you will need the following items:

Film Canister (or something small that has a pop on and off lid)
Alka-Seltzer Tablets

This lesson came up because we were talking about the gases seen in the form of bubbles when we created our Lava Lamp experiment. BabyBear loved them and I wanted to use that curiosity to build another teachable moment with her.

We talked about how the solid matter which was the tablet entered the water and created a gas in the form of bubbles and foam which then popped and released in to the air in the form of a spray that hit our faces.

Now we wanted to find out the following:

What would happen if we trapped those gas bubbles? 
Where would they go if all they had was a small space to build in ?
Would the force build up be strong enough to push the lid off the canister?

Here is how we set this up...

We filled the canister 3/4 full of water (no more otherwise it will just foam and spill over the side)

Placed it on the floor on a towel (in case there was spillage)

Dropped half of a tablet in to the water

Snapped on the lid (this needs to be fairly quick so may require an adults help)

Sat Far Back (do not sit close or look over top as you will get hurt)






The lid not only flew off but it HIT THE CEILING.

The first time it happened it scared us both so much that I jerked the camera as seen here.

Of course we had so much fun that BabyBear wanted to do it over and over again. We set this up multiple times just so we could see it as well as show it to JrBear and PapaBear too, who loved it equally as much.

All in  all it was a very exciting way to show how gas can build up enough pressure when trapped in a small space and lift things right off the ground.

Would love to see or hear about your fun with indoor explosions. Please feel free to leave a comment for us in the section below.

Til Next  Time!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

We Made a Lava Lamp

We are back after a much needed break from life over the holidays. I hope that your time spent with family and friends was a blessed as ours was. I have so many great ideas that I want to share with you and today is no different.

For today's experiment you will need:

Alka-Seltzer Tablets
Vegetable Oil
Food Coloring
Flashlight (optional)

If you remember before Christmas we shared with you our experiments on Matter. The racing of liquids was a lot of fun. This time around we took another lesson on matter to another level. This is an experiment we had done before; back when BabyBear was only a preschooler. It was so much fun then and even more so now. What I liked about this time around is that she is old enough to grasp more of the science behind what we were doing.

We took water and food coloring and mixed them together to show her what happens when mixing 2 liquids. Of course it turned the water her favorite color - PURPLE !! To this we added in some vegetable oil. This is where you saw her excitement really rise up. She loved the fact that the oil started to float on top of the water looking like a brain.

We talked about how many liquids at home are mixtures of 2 or more liquids. Some are solutions of water mixed with things like hydrogen peroxide or apple juice. Most others found in the home are what we call mechanical mixtures. Where two liquids remain the separate until they are shaken together. One of the most common examples of this would be our oil and vinegar style salad dressings...YUMM!!

Many of the foods we eat are both oily and watery. The oil sticks to our dishes and then the dish soap breaks down the oil and washes it away. You will find these kinds of mixtures not just in your kitchen but all over the place. One sad fact of today's world is the oil that leaks in to our waterways and coats our sea life and birds. We were part of an Aquarium group last year where we saw an experiment run by one of the families using cut hair from a salon that was wrapped in nylon stockings to roll in oil filled water. The result was the oil was soaked up and the water was left free and clear, Making it safe once again for those animals that may be living here. How amazing is that option? We all get our hair cut  so why not reuse it to help the environment. I love it!!

Now for the exciting part of our day. We decided to take our science experiment one step further and use our mixture to create a lava lamp of sorts. We did this by adding some Alka-Seltzer tablets to our mechanical mixture. The resulting excitement is seen in this video...ENJOY!!

That's all for today - thank you for stopping by. See you again next week when we explode on to the scene with our newest experiment.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Popsicle Snowman Tutorial

Good Morning - As promised our video is up.  We had a lot of fun creating these little cuties.


                You will need the following crafting supplies - 
           which all can be picked out at your local 
           dollar-store for cheap:

FELT (not pictured here)
CRAFT FOAM (not pictured here)

With this being our first crafting tutorial video many mistakes were made along the way and we left them in for your enjoyment. Editing out to perfection would not be as much fun for us or nearly as entertaining for you.

Head on over to our YouTube page to get in on our shenanigans with us.

Please come back and share your snowmen with us. We would love to see your works of art and hear about the adventure along the way.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Tealight Snowman

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I promised a tutorial last week. It has been one of those weeks where things planned took way longer than needed. Add to that universe decided that our house needed a little cooling - so while we are dealing with -4 cold outside at night with a warm up to 4 degrees during the day our heater went on the fritz. Finally, 2 days later I can feel my fingers but I think that now because I was so cold for so long and not sleeping well as result I have contracted a slight cold. It never ends - as I am sure you can relate.

Well, enough with the whining you say - get on with the tutorial already --- To that I say here is the little cutie that I am going to show you how to create for yourself...

You will be able to supply yourself with everything needed for this creative project from your local dollar store - not sure what you have where you live but we have the Dollarama around here- best little store for crafting supplies and more - it is actually dangerous when I go in there. I  ALWAYS come out with way more than what was on my list- bad girl!

For today's fun you will need the following items - 

Tealight (battery operated -although I am sure that goes without saying)
Felt in Black, Red and Green
Glue Gun (or Fabric Glue/Glue Stick - see notes below for thoughts on this)

I started out by cutting my shapes for the tealight like these...

The hat is created in two parts, out of black felt - one rectangle (2.5 x 1.5 inches) that can be folded over in half to make a square...

The other rectangle will make the trim of the hat...(1.5 x 2.5 inches)

I then cut another piece of black felt in to tiny little circles. The nice thing about this part is that they do not have to be symmetrical as they are suppose to look like rocks or pieces of coal. Please do not stress over this part just relax and cut away until you reach a size that fits your tealight.

Now you will need to cut three sizes of ribbon:

One to fit across the brim of the hat... (1-3/4 x .5 inch)

One to wrap around the tealight like a scarf... (12 inches)

One to run through the hat for hanging... (9 inches)

With the red felt I cut small circles (these are to be the decorative holly berries)...

With the green felt I cut 2 small leaf shapes for the holly leaves...

Now comes the sticky part - I have used the hot glue gun for my tealight. We tried regular white glue but it did not seem to hold any of the hat pieces together. Although it did work for the face pieces. I am not sure if fabric glue or maybe even a glue stick may have worked better. If you try that please let us know the outcome as I would love for BabyBear to able to create one of these fully herself.


First off, I started by tying the ribbon around the neck of the snowman to make a scarf...

Something else I was thinking about relating to children making this craft was using red pipe cleaners for the scarf instead of ribbon. That way even your littles will be able to take part without having to worry about tying ribbons.

I do recommend adding a dab of glue to the ribbon around the neck otherwise I find that it comes off the more that you handle it.

Next fold the black rectangle in half and crease it - then adding a very small amount of glue to the bottom inside portion and stick the 2 ends together...

To that piece I glued the small single rectangle, again with a very small amount of glue - now you have a top hat. Cute right?

To the top of the brim of the hat I glued the ribbon...

On to that I added the leaves and the red berry...

Glue and stick on his eyes and a charcoal mouth....

Now that the hat is completely dry you can hold open the loop and string through your ribbon, tying the ends together to create a hanger.

Attach the hat to your snowman...turn on the sweet carrot nose and you are set to hang your little cutie wherever you like.

Isn't he adorable?

I was thinking a whole tree full of these little guys would be a perfect way to decorate for Christmas. What do you think? I would love to see your tealight snowmen so please feel free to post pictures on my Facebook page. I love hearing from people so don't be shy.

If you find it easier to learn via video tutorials or you just want more of myself ( I know you are dying for that). Please head on over to the Facebook page known as M&MTV. We will be posting our new Youtube tutorial video there later this week,

Follow us on either of our Facebook pages and you will never miss what is coming up!

See you again soon!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Matter, Matter Everywhere

As most of you know we are a homeschooling family. Being a child of homeschooling myself; when the ability to do so presented itself to me just over 6 years ago I jumped at it. Since then we have had many adventures. Some days are tougher than other but most of the days are filled with the passion, fun and excitement that you will see in the video that I am going to share with you today.

My youngest one aka SmyleyBear in our family is in grade 2. I find that she learns best; as I do, by doing the activity rather than just being shown or reading about it. We always try to find fun ways to get the information needed across. The other day was no exception. We have been learning about ...

Matter - concepts like:

What is matter? 
How can we find out?
What can we do with it?
If we cut it up or break it is it still matter?
What are the groups of matter called?

Over the past couple of weeks we have done a few different experiments and deep digging to find out the answers to those questions.

For learning about what solids are like we broke up a  chocolate bar to determine that even though the shape had changed was it still matter? Of course the best part was the eating of the chocolate when we were done.

We used a magnifying glass to look at items we chose up close and learn about solids. We talked about how solids can change shape as in the chocolate bar that we broke or rocks becoming smooth from the constant movement of waves in the water.

But yesterday was the most fun we have had learning about this topic yet. We were learning about the liquid state of matter - talking about how liquids; like water are able to change and take the shape of whatever it is being poured into.

We studied a few different glasses of liquid that were very similar but had some minor differences if you looked closely enough. It was a great opportunity to teach that just because something looks safe does not make it safe. I reminded SmyleyBear that she should always ask before eating or drinking items that she is not 100% knowledgeable about.

This section also presented the chance to learn a new BIG word for little curious minds - VISCOSITY - which refers to a liquids resistance to flow. In order to give a clear example on the definition of our new word we decided to take 4 different liquid state products and race them against each other - This was a great learning experience that created a lot of laughs (Please excuse mine) along the way - (My apologies for the quality of the video. It was only after we had done this experiment that we decided to share it with you all. It was way too much fun not to.)



Thank you for stopping by today - See you again next week !!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Looking for some good old indoor entertainment for the littles as the weather gets colder and wetter?

Have you ever tried creating balloon cars?

If not then today is your luck day...

We are going to share with you a video tutorial that my daughter and I created a while back; where we show how to create your very own.

Head on over to our channel to check it out- ENJOY!

While you are there feel free to SUBSCRIBE to our channel so you don't miss any of our upcoming episodes.

Thanks for stopping by today!!

Get Your Craft On!

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